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Wood Burners, Multi Fuel Stoves, Boilers & Acessories


Our range of multi fuel/ wood burning stoves with or without backboilers, are straight from the foundries directly. We pass on the savings to you. All stoves available at great retail & wholesale rates only on ecowoodburners.com.

All stoves & boilers are very high, 'lifetime' quality, European C.E Certified and are made of solid, (very!) heavyweight cast iron.

We can also arrange for a full system design to fit a back boiler central heating system with radiators in your home if required. See our installation info pages.I II

Or, please contact us for a friendly chat & some sensible advice on heating your home this winter.

Wood Stoves & Multi-Fuel Burners

Our wood stoves, or multi fuel burners, can use almost any fuel including; dry wood/ seasoned timber, house coal or coke, ecological fire logs & briquettes, wood pellets & chips plus various smokeless fuels such as "home fire" products.

Wood Stoves with Back (Water) Boilers

Generally larger and more powerful than wood stoves without boilers, our Back Boiler Multi Fuel Burners also come with Air Wash systems but have the added bonus of being able to heat water and therefore, the rest of your house using raditors and central heating pumps. One of the most efficient ways of using organic fuels availble today.

Designer Wood Stoves

These incredible looking contemporary 'designer' wood stoves are made of very high quality solid steel and look stunning in any modern home.

Which Wood Stove Is Right For Your House?

How to select the correct heat output and power rating for your stove.

Stove Accessories

A growing range of accessories for your stove.
Please contact us if you would like to purchase fuel or wood. (Note: Service only for the Coin area on the Costa Del Sol)

Delivery & Installation

For customers on the Costa Del Sol, Spain, we can arrange everything for you via our network of independant, skilled, experienced and qualified tradesmen.

Or we can arrange a delivery only service if you prefer to arrange your own fitting.

If you're not sure just give us a call, we'd be happy to help!

Chimney Sweep Service (Spain only)

Our professional chimney sweep service for customers on Spain's Costa Del Sol only at this moment.

Get your chimneys safely and professionaly swept clean, reduce fire hazard and increase efficiency. Certificate provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions please check this section as your query may have already been answered.

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