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Eco Fans

Increase the efficiency of your burner and the warmth of your house with one of our amazing self powering Eco Fans. Never needs batteries!

Fire Proof Gloves

Stoke, fuel and maintain your stove in safety with a fireproof glove.

Extra Long Heat Resistant Leather Gloves

Stoke, fuel and maintain your stove in extra safety with an extra long fireproof glove.

Hearth Kneeling Cushion

A hearth side cushion for kneeling on to tend the fireplace/ stove.

Stove and Flue Thermometre

A thermometre for measuring the temperature of your stove.

Traditional Poker/ Stove Companion Set

A traditional style poker accessory set

Contemporary Poker / Stove Companion Set

A modern & stylish poker accessory set.

Wood Stove Cleaning Brushes

A set of wood stove cleaning brushes.

Wood Stove Glass Cleaner

Glass cleaner for wood stove doors.

Wood Stove Rope Adhesive

Heat proof glue for fixing door sealing rope.

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