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How to choose the correct wood stove/ burner size for your house.


The optimum size stove or power rating for your house is dependant on 2 things;

1 Size of the room - How much space do you need to heat? in square meters (or square feet/inches)
2 Insulation - How much of the heat from the stove will escape? (draughty doors and windows etc.)

Wood stove - MijasNOTE: If you prefer we will calculate this for you, just send us your room measurements; length, width and height (in feet and inches, or meters) and we will work out the details for you.

To produce a comfortable temperature of about 21º/22º C (when the exterior temp is 0ºC ) you will need 1Kw of heat for every 14 cubic meters if the room is of average insulation values. The requirement could be higher if the room is poorly insulated, has thin walls, draughty windows, or a high ceiling, and vice versa. Here's how to work it out;

A: First establish the metric cubic capacity of the room (length X width X height = cubic meters)

B: Now give your room where the stove will be a rough insulation rating, from 10 to 24 - (score 10 for a very cold and drafty room without insulation up to 24 points for a very well insulated room.)

A / B = P

- A divided by B equals the required power rating (P) in Kilowatts (Kw's) of the burner suitable for heating your room

All of our stoves are displayed along with the relevant power rating in Kilowatts (Kw's)

Here's another way to think about it, If you have a poorly insulated room, divide the cubic meters by 10. If you have a medium/ averagly insulated/ drafty room divide by 16. Or if you have a very well insulated room divide by 24. This will give you a rough idea of the minimum Kw's needed to heat the room.

For a more accurate rating of your room, calculate the B.T.U rating (British Thermal Unit)

NOTE: We will calculate this for you, just send us your room measurements (in feet and inches, or meters) and an idea of the insulation/ draftiness of your room(s) and we will work out the details for you.


All stoves need air for combustion and to evacuate smoke & flu gases, otherwise they will no work and can be dangerous.

Lack of ventilation can cause :- 1. Danger. 2 Difficult to light, if not impossible lighting of fire. 3. Smoke in the room. 4. No draw on flu (which is the rate of airflow up the chimeny) . Therefore we recommend dedicated ventilation to be fitted for fires above 5 Kw's


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