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Calculate the correct stove BTU rating for you property.


When choosing your wood stove or complete stove with back boiler central heating system, it is very important to choose the correct power output rating to suit your property. To do this we calculate the B.T.U rating of your rooms and property and choose the appropriate system. Stove with back boiler

If we are installing your boiler and heater system we will take care of all this for you.

B.T.U stands for British Thermal Unit and is the equivalent of the approximate energy required to heat one pound (16 oz's) of water by one degree fahrenheit. Your room/ premises also requires a certain amount of energy to reach the optimum temperature without waste or overcapacity, or under capacity for that matter.

The formula required to calculate BTU's can be accessed on this link if you would like to try calculating the btu's yourself.

For more detailed information on BTU's, see Wikipedia's entry

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