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Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a list of the most comonly asked questions about wood burners, boilers and the service you can expect from us. We hope it answers your queries but if not, please dont hesitate to fire off a quick question to us using the form on our Contact Us Page.
Do your stoves meet C.E safety regulations?

Our stoves and burners all meet the E.U's C.E standards.

How can I calculate the BTU rating for my property?

BTU ratings are important in choosing the correct stove for your property.

What's so ecological about burning wood?

Suprisingly burning wood is one fo the few carbon neutral fuels.

What is an Air Wash System?

An Air Wash System is designed to keep the glass at the front of the stove clean.

Whats the best way to light a wood burner?

Firekeeping skills will help you to get the most from your stove.

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