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The Granada Wood Stove with built in back (water) boiler.

Our Granada woodstove features a built in 'back boiler' for heating water which can be used to heat the whole house using radiators and a water pump system (see installation diagram for more details) You do not have to use the boiler part of the stove if you do not want to run radiators and central heating. It can be left diconnected whilst in use as a standard wood burning stove. You can of coure connect and use the boiler part at any time in the future.

Built to last, these super sturdy heavy weight burners are highly efficient due to the secondary burn feature and thick cast iron plates, giving an enormous 14 kw's maximum power heat output!.

Please contact us if you are unsure of the correct power rating you need to heat your house or need any advice with your heating system.

  • Heat the whole house with The Grenada Wood Stove with built in water boiler.
  • 137 Kilograms of thick cast iron plate gives out an enormous 14Kw's of heat energy.
  • Set the 2 air intake adjusters at the bottom and the flue damper at the top to slow burn the fuel.
  • Our 2nd biggest and most powerful burner with a back boiler, the Grenada wood stove.

The Granada -  Wood burner with back boiler ECO042B



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The Granada - Wood burner with back boiler ECO042B

This large & powerful 14kw wood burner has a very simple and stylish design and features a built in back boiler (water boiler) for use with central heating systems & radiators.

Together with the latest in wood burning technology, the Air Wash system and the 'secondary burn' energy efficiency feature, this stove represents unbeatable value for money.

  • Size: 540mm wide x 450mm deep x 695mm high (including feet)
  • Power Rating: 14 Kilowatt total (9kw for heating water and 5kw for heating the room.)
  • Total Weight: 137kg (302 lb's)
  • Chimney Diameter: 150mm (6 inch)
  • Highly efficient, slow combustion multi fuel / wood burning stove.
  • Built in back boiler for hot water for central heating systems.
  • New air wash system helps keep the glass clean.
  • Thick, very heavy cast iron stove
  • Meets European C.E safety standards.
  • Fitted with German made "SCHOTT" high temperature glass.
  • The stove comes with: Ash pan & handle, cast iron lining plate, 150mm (6 inch) flue connector.
  • 6 inch top or rear flue connection - flue/ chimney pipe is not included.

Price Only: 749.18


Wood Stove with Back Boiler - The Granada


Wood Stove with Back Boiler - The Granada

This photo shows the rear of the Granada stove. The large hole in the middle is the smoke outlet, the 2 pipes on the right are the cold water inlets and the two on the right are the hot water outlet pipes.

Our burners with built in boilers can be used in 'burner only mode'. The hot water pipes can be sealed, or 'blanked off' if you plan to not use the hot water features or install a central heating system. At a later date the pipes can be unblocked and central heating installed.

All photos are of actual stoves in our stock and are copyright of Ecowoodburners 2010

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Photo Gallery - Granada Wood Stove with Boiler

With enlarged photos from the above slide show, a boiler system installation diagram and more information on our Grenada wood stove with built in back boiler.

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